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Professional Development

At Sumus we firmly believe that education, learning, and personal development should be a part of every person, team, collective, and organization’s core values. Embodying a growth mindset should be a priority in building a strong personal and professional brand and within the corporate culture.


We specialize in providing hands-on training on how to leverage and sell your most valuable skills, by helping you build a value-centric custom resume, attain a world-class professional digital presence (digital portfolio, professional website, LinkedIn, and social selling presence), and a complete professional brand.


Our team focuses on the intersectionality of the art and science of connecting with people in both formal and informal settings. Our training is designed to help you build your confidence, conversational charisma, and give you all the tools needed to effectively leverage verbal and non-verbal communication whether you are giving a keynote speech, delivering a mission-critical business presentation, or networking in your personal and professional life.


Our team provides hands on (personal and group) programming for leaders across all career tenure levels.

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